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Having just arrived home from a trip with my favorite people (my handsome hubster and two silly kiddos), I discovered several things during our time away.

First:  I am officially in love with my dishwasher. The place where we were staying did not have one (unless you call me and my two capable hands the Dish Washer). Every meal and teatime seemed to reveal a new multiplication equation with the growing piles in the sink. Like a complicated game of Tetris. But without an end to the game.

Second:  I love aquariums. I do. I did not fully know this about myself, but there’s something about seeing brilliantly colored tropical fish, friendly frogs, graceful jellies, slow movin’ turtles, and whimsical seahorses that does crazy things to my heart. I even loved the eels! (I know, right?!) I cannot help but be in awe of the amazing creatures on our planet and the creative Creator behind it all.

Third:  I must admit my deeply rooted obsession with all things Italian. We went to a place called Eataly on our layover in Chicago that left me speechless and salivating. Every kind of olive, cheese, oil, pesto, wine and bread you can imagine, surrounded by gorgeously displayed fresh produce in large wicker baskets. If only my suitcase had been bigger. Amo l’Italia!

Fourth:  I always take books on planes, but rarely read them. This time however, I consumed an entire book! Jennifer Smith’s The Unveiled Wife. Jen’s words are refreshingly honest and oh so relevant for us married folk. Seriously so so good! Plus she just had a baby girl — with the middle name Ann. Coincidence? I think not. Congrats, dear friend!

MW 2-27-15 dotsAMANDA

Anne-Renee and I actually passed each other in the air the other day. She was arriving home from her trip, and I was heading off on mine. At the moment, I’m in a hotel room in Nashville with a friend attending a favorite conference. Favorite speakers, help and inspiration in my life as an adoptive mom, motivation in running our church ministry to adoptive and foster families, and a wee little break from everyday life. Good times. P.S. I have an absolutely fantastic husband who is at home holding down the fort. 

I think I just might have a tiny bit of brain power left after a full day of attending sessions functioning on zero sleep to think of what I’m loving these days. So here are the first four things that came to mind:

First:  I have a crush on PBS — I just thought you should know. My current favorite shows (that I watch online) are Call the Midwife (Season 4) and Twice Born. There’s a theme there, yes. Pregnancy and babies. And no, this is not any sort of announcement. While I’m nuts about these two amazing shows, I don’t recommend them while pregnant. Just don’t.

Second:  Like Anne-Renee, I always pack a real live paper book in my carry-on and have great plans to read and pass the time while feeding my mind and soul with a good book. But I just can’t bring myself to actually read said book. This time, I read the first page of my book. Baby steps. So proud. But what I do love for my in-flight entertainment is a) podcasts, b) music, c) a magazine. It’s the only time in my life I buy a magazine. I don’t usually read the articles. Shocker. But I do enjoy flipping through and rolling my eyes at fashion trends that should have stayed in 1991.

Third:  The other day my new neighbor invited me in for tea and served me the most amazing cup of wow. It’s called Hot Cinnamon Sunset by Harvey and Sons. It isn’t “hot” like Atomic Fire Balls (remember those?), it’s just the right amount of everything.

Fourth:  Music is a huge part of my life. Worship music, more specifically. One of my new favorite albums is We Will Not Be Shaken by Bethel Music. Especially tracks #2 and #9. I didn’t instantly love the whole album like I do now. That took some time. I had to listen repetitively to understand the lyrics and heart behind the message. Once that happened, I was sold.


We hope you have a beautiful weekend doing and enjoying the things you love most!

So tell us, what are you loving right now? 

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  1. Hi Anne & Amanda,

    I love both your blog posts! The two of you each throw a different flavor to the blog when you share your hearts with the rest of us. I appreciate your words of wisdom, admitting when you fall short, sharing the funny and sad parts of your lives, I love it all.

    Speaking of loving things: I had to think long and hard as to just what do I really love. I think a person can say he or she love this or that, or this person or that person, or that hobby or this activity.

    #1. I think aside from loving God, I love my family first and foremost. Are they all perfect? Heavens no! They each have their things which drive me crazy! However, when the rubber meets the road, I would be sad in a world without them-faults, quirks and all! We don’t always get along or agree on everything, but at the end of the day, I think we would all agree that we love each other to the moon and back. My family, I think, would do anything for me and I would do anything for my family. I love my family!

    #2. Secondly, I love my friends. No, some of them do things which I wouldn’t necessarily want to do or would do, but most of what they do, God has directed them to do, so I can’t dispute the paths that God Himself has called them to do. My friends all have hearts of gold-pure gold. Some of them I have only known in the last three years while others I have known for 23 years. Amanda, your cousins here in Oregon are two of those 23 year long running friendships which is still going strong:-) I know that I could call any of my friends at 3am and they would be at my back door if I needed help. I thank God for my friends that He has placed in my life.

    #3. I love learning new things! I have learned a couple new things in the last couple years. I love the feeling of gratification when I have accomplished something that seemed hard, but turned out to be not-so-hard after all. I have learned how to bake pies from a former professional pie baker. I did my very first pie solo this last winter. There again, I loved the feeling of accomplishment after the pie was done and tasted by almost everyone at the gathering that I took it to. Everybody seemed to like it which was a good sign:-) I have also learned how to knit on the knitted looms. I know this doesn’t seem like a big feat for most, but knitting with regular knitting needles is hard for me. I had given up on knitting after trying the needles for several days, then finally giving up in tears. I thought I couldn’t knit until my dear elderly friend showed me a different way to knit. Now if I can just have more time to knit….

    #4. I love a good book! I have several books I’m reading right now. Well, not all at the same time. My dear Mom has always encouraged me not to get too many books going at the same time, but to finish the one before I open another. Right now, I’m on a WWII kick in my reading list. Books can take you to so many different places without you having to leave your living room or bedroom. I feel like I’m traveling all around Europe with General Patton, but I’m not having to be in the thick of the battles and tough talks between everybody. I read another book over the winter, “Unbroken” is the title. There again, another WWII story of triumph over trials. I felt like I went everywhere with Louie Zamperini in “Unbroken” but didn’t have to leave my house.

    Well there are definitely more things I love, but these are the 4 that rate at the top of my list!
    In Christ!

    • It’s so fun to hear your favorite things right now… Thank you for sharing with us! (Amanda)

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