The Lonely Mom

This time of year always gets me. When the leaves begin to fall and the crispness of the season finds its way into the lonely cracks of my soul, my gut instinct is to hibernate. To pull those comfy blankets up around my shoulders and vow to stay holed up inside my cozy abode until spring.

But loneliness is more than just a staying at home thing.

We isolate ourselves in so many ways.

Ignoring texts from a well-meaning friend.

Pushing off being a part of a much-needed Bible study.

Choosing to hide in the church nursery rather than engage with other moms cheerfully chatting in the hallway.

We find excuse after excuse why we can’t be the one responsible for building a bridge of fellowship. {I mean, really. Who has time for such long-term projects?}

Sometimes friendship seems to take So. Much. Effort. And answering those texts and returning those phone calls requires more energy than we have stored up in our mothering tanks.

Because we’re tired mamas. We’re stressed-out mamas. And our everyday is often defined by frazzled emotions and frantic schedules stretched tighter than a hard-working rubberband.

The Lonely MomBut loneliness can leave its mark — zapping us of joy and depleting our sense of wholeness.

For the stay-at-home mom who finds it hard to get up and get dressed to make herself presentable enough to be around another group of moms…

For the working mom who doesn’t have time for weekend playdates or mid-week lunch breaks, and is so exhausted by the end of the week that a “girls night out” sounds like just one more thing instead of much needed refreshment…

For the single mom who stays up late paying bills and wakes up early to be both mom and dad to her children…


God sees you. And YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

As the cooler months creep in upon us, we have to fight the desire to hunker down and hibernate in our homes.


and invite others into the warmth along with us.

For God has made us beings that need one another. To be fueled by time spent with other members of the body of Christ. To learn and grow and challenge each other.

And in the togetherness, we feel a sense of family. In the comfort and security of fellowship, we can bask in His love which covers all. Like a big ol’ fuzzy friendship blanket.

So don’t cut yourself off from those you need, and those who need you.

For God sees you, dear sweet mama. And He did not mean for you to walk this road alone.

The Lonely Mom


What’s your favorite part of friendship? (The hugs, the understanding sighs, the laughter, the prayers, the tears… ) We would love to hear. Because we need one another. And being an integral part of community means sharing the important stuff. So go ahead, we’re listening.


Anne-Renee Gumley

Anne-Renee is a full-time mom who works part-time at her family's party store. She has two children who keep her laughing, a husband who keeps her smiling, and an itch for writing that just won't go away.

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  1. Thank you! And I agree completely with the idea, it’s putting it into practice I am struggling with. I am a people pleaser too, and I recharge being around people, at least for short bursts. I really want people to want to hang out with me and set up times to hang out, but it almost never happens. So I’m trying, desiring, want to be that person and home for other people. I have a number of obstacles including my energy level, house cleanliness, and a chronic illness my husband is fighting. But I have a desire to be a safe place for people to come…. I’ll keep trying. I want to have that type of personality that is friendly, open and inviting.

    • I love your honesty in this, Nicole. Just like any relationship, friendship takes work and intentionality. Praying that you will continue to strive and fight for connection and that the Lord will bring into your life, at just the right time, the precious friends you so desperately want and need. Cheering for you, Anne-Renee

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