The Day in Which I Wrote My Very First Blog Post

The other night, I couldn’t sleep. Excitement blasted thoughts here there and yon around my brain like bits of confetti, fluttering and free. I flipped and flopped to no avail, and finally decided to get up and write a bit. I stumbled sleepily out of the bedroom, early morning blur in my eyes, only to see a single dining room chair aglow with the first hint of sunrise. It was the chair sitting right in front of my computer. Coincidence?! Maybe.

chair picNow those of you who know me well, can attest to my aversion of all things techy. And not just the technical side of things, but blogs, social media, the internet in general. Seriously, I’ve held on to this fear of blogging for sooo long. All this last month I’ve been asking myself: Would God really call me to that? Surely He of all people knows I have a serious case of blog-phobia and can go months without a social media update. I stick to what I know (which if I’m honest, when it comes to computers and technology, isn’t much).

I used to think blogging, if I were to do it on my own, would be a “look at me” kind of thing: “Listen to me and my great ideas. Find inspiration and be inspired while looking at my fabulous pictures and intricate word art.” But of course I don’t think anything close to that in connection to some of my favorite writers. Why would I assume that for myself? I don’t have to be all Ann Voskampy or be able to regurgitate C.S.Lewis for every difficulty in this life (though I may use a quote or two from time to time). The more I think about it, the more I realize a project like this does not have to wait until I have a bunch of wisdom accumulated or a mental library of large words and memorable anecdotes. If that were the case, I’d never write a word. More than anything, it’s an act of obedience.

Comfort in the storm

What I’ve been learning is this: God doesn’t always call us to the comfy and reliable. In fact, most of the Scriptural examples I can think of are quite the opposite. God called David away from tending docile sheep to confront a defiant giant. He placed Daniel right smack dab into a den full of lions. He challenged Peter to do more than just ride the waves, beckoning him out of the boat to walk on them!

So I got to thinking. If these followers could answer the call of obedience for giants, lions and waves, I could probably handle being stretched with blog writing and podcasting. It’s all a matter of listening to the call. And answering Yes.

My sleepy mind couldn’t quite process all the What-Ifs, but they kept on coming at me like a swarm of ravenous honey bees. Was He really wanting me to tackle this completely-out-of-my-comfort-zone writing thing, with the purpose of turning it into something for His glory? My fingers were clammy and anxious as I began to type. Having uttered the word “blog” only a few times in my life and NEVER in connection to me, I decided. The time is now! So there I sat. Still blurry eyed, but filled with purpose. And before I knew it, my first blog post Muddled and Messy was written. {I must admit, I kind of felt like Amy Adam’s character in the movie Julie & Julia about to embark on a new scary exciting blog adventure.}

1st blog post

Where does the new and uncomfortable find you today? Maybe you’re a brand new mom, wishing desperately that a detailed instruction manual had been delivered along with your little darling. Or maybe you’ve started a new job and you’re sending up flare prayers every five minutes in hopes you’ll remember all the fine points of this new position. Perhaps you find yourself in totally new territory, struggling to see daylight through parental illness, childhood illness, shifting routines, graduations, or an upcoming big move. Whatever your new is, may you find REST in His plans for you. They are customized plans after all. Guaranteed to fit perfectly.

So dear friends (yes, let’s be friends), thank you for your continued gracious response to the new and joining us in this space. We are so glad to be walking this road with you! We pray you will find hope and encouragement as we ponder, learn and laugh together.

Until next time…

What are some dreams you’ve put on the back shelf due to fear? We would love to hear some of the ways God is pulling you out of the comfortable and into His great plans for you. 


Anne-Renee Gumley

Anne-Renee is a full-time mom who works part-time at her family's party store. She has two children who keep her laughing, a husband who keeps her smiling, and an itch for writing that just won't go away.

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