Stuck With a Case of the Same Ol’ Same Ol’s

post graphic (1)It happens every time I come home from something. I get a bad case of the Afters. Maybe you’ve experienced it too.

It’s the slump you encounter after vacation. The murky valley you find yourself trudging through after a riveting conference or meaningful women’s retreat. Or what some of us are currently experiencing, the end-of-the-summer decrescendo letdown and meltdown.

And as much as we may want to insta solve our boo-hoo/whoa-is-me/life-is-back-to-normal problems and hop on a plane headed for Bermuda or the Bahamas (wouldn’t that be nice), we need to look for solutions in our own backyard. (Well not our actual backyards, but that’s another post.)

Why oh why do we let our circumstances dictate our responses? Seriously.

It’s like we somehow forget that nothing, I repeat, NOTHING has changed. We are still loved by the same God, walking on the same earth, and living out the same glorious plan He had for us yesterday.

Like forgetful children we push aside the day’s miracles and wonders forgetting to look for His fingerprints in the now. We hanker for what was – rather than what is.

Now in the past, my turn-to solution was to drown my After longings with feverishly planning out the next would be. But hungering for the next big thing can blind us to the joys of the here and now.

Post graphic (2)I want to be a woman of intentionality, and I’m guessing you do too.

I want to be a woman who seeks the face of her Father before she stretches out her hand and her heart toward social media, anxiously wondering what people’s reactions will be in regard to the posts and pics from her latest adventures.

I don’t want to get so caught up living for what was that I forget about my own precious family who are right here, smack dab in front of me. And let me tell you, I’m very guilty of this one.

I want to believe big and love wide. Loving and dreaming, but living in the present.

It’s hard, I know. And I’ve struggled with this same thing over and over. I get all weighed down, muddling through, overwhelmed by how wonderful things were and how blah things are now in comparison. I tend to want to wallow and whine rather than have a heart of thankfulness for what I just experienced.

But our Father has a better solution, a better plan. He tells us to cast our cares because He cares. He reminds us to rest rather than default to worry.

Honestly, I think in His heart of hearts He just wants us to reside in a place of contentment, allowing Him to love and lead us in the now, trusting Him to take care of the concerns of yesterday and the yearnings of tomorrow.

He says in His Word that “THIS is the day that the Lord has made” and that we are to “rejoice and be glad in it.”

Yes, yesterday may have been unforgettable. But today is a gift as well. We can choose to recognize it as such, or let it slip through our fingers like sand, wasted and unappreciated.

So dear sweet mama, let’s seek Him in the every day and praise Him in the now.

For when our eyes are fully open, we will find Him in the same ol’ same ol’.

And I’m guessing we will discover something else too. That He was really there all along.


Anne-Renee Gumley

Anne-Renee is a full-time mom who works part-time at her family's party store. She has two children who keep her laughing, a husband who keeps her smiling, and an itch for writing that just won't go away.

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  1. Good thoughts. I always joke about needing a vacation from my vacation…but, you are right. There is something about just resting, choosing contentment, and being grateful. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes! Totally get the needing a vacation after your vacation. Of course in mom world, coming home usually means tons of unpacking, sorting, and mountains of dirty clothes. Not to mention the emptying pockets and suitcases of rocks, coins, and treasures from wherever you were visiting. But looking for the blessing in the now can be such a practice of contentment. Keeping our eyes fixed on Him – what He has for us today. Thanks for taking the time to read and sharing your thoughts! xo, Anne-Renee

  2. Good morning, Anne-Renee!

    Even though I’m not married with a husband and kids, I sometimes find myself bogged down with a case of the same ol’ same ol’s. During the school year, I am involved with Bible Study Fellowship on Wednesday mornings, then afterwards my folks and I run and many errands as we can since we use Wednesdays as our day in town. Also during the school year, I co teach at our local Good News Club every Tuesday afternoon. Plus, also on Tuesday once a month, I sing at an Assisted Living place. Then every summer is our busy season for our Bed and Breakfast. We get a break from Bible Study Fellowship and Good News Club during the summers, but we go full swing with our business. Then vise versa, the school year gives us a semi break from the business, but we have all our other yearly things we do. I definitely get the woe-is-me attitude. I find myself complaining about the fact that my friend gets to travel every month, and I only get a vacation every few years and how, “it just isn’t fair!” type of thing. Yes, circumstances definitely dictate my responses. If things are going pretty good, I’m pretty jovial. If things aren’t going so good, I am boarder line nasty. I need to not let my circumstances rule my life.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    God Bless!

    • Thank you for your humble openness in this, Bethany. Busyness can bog us down in many areas, but especially in the realm of contentment. It’s easy to think that others have it easier or better than we do. And yet, perspective is found when we fix our eyes on what Christ has for us in the here and now. It’s a hard discipline, and one I am still in the process of learning. Know you’re not alone!
      Hugs for your day,


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