Reflections of Freedom

Reflections of Freedom

On this Independence Day, we at The Masterpiece Mom pause to reflect on our hard-won freedom. Freedom that we cannot and should not take for granted. Freedom that has been lived for. Paid for. Died for.

And because of this freedom…

We are free to sing praises around campfires, kitchen tables, and in ER waiting rooms.

We are free to read God’s Word on park benches, subways, mountain tops, and in our homes.

We are free to call upon the name of the Lord in whatever way or manner we desire.

We are free to write about, blog about, podcast about, and speak about our faith openly and boldly.

We are free to teach our children about the Radical Rescuer of our souls, Jesus Christ.

This freedom is free because of those who have fought to preserve its foundation.

This freedom is free because of those who continue the fight to keep it so.

And most importantly, this freedom is free because of the One who paid the ultimate price on a cross approximately 2,000 years ago out of love for you and me.

And if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.

Happy Fourth of July, dear ones.

The Masterpiece Mom

The Masterpiece Mom

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  1. Good Morning, dear friends!

    This post is well written as always. No, we should not take our Freedoms for granted ever! I’m afraid too many people in this world today do. From September to May if I’m out somewhere where I have to wait for awhile, I take my Bible Study Fellowship lesson and work on it while I’m waiting. I know I have the freedom to do that and not get put in jail or something like that.
    Happy 4th of July to you and yours!
    IN Christ!

    • Thanks for sharing, Bethany. Yes, there are so many freedoms we experience and enjoy on a daily basis that we don’t give a second thought to — like being able to do a bible study lesson anywhere you want. Truly a freedom gift! Hope you and your family have a memorable 4th of July!!

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