Our Reflection: Friend or Foe?

ReflectionSometimes I blissfully wish I were one of those writers who could quietly spend the day in a coffee shop, sipping my drink of choice, while thinking deep thoughts about body image, culture, and our response. Because I feel like this subject matter needs MORE – more time, love and tenderness. (Wait. Didn’t Michael Bolton sing a song about that?!)

But alas, the busy mama world I presently find myself in declares its messages noisily and rudely, with or without tranquil coffee shops, through the reality of every day living. (I’m sure you can relate.)

So although I have not come to any earth shattering conclusions since my last post, I want to probe our thought process a bit further regarding this subject. Because I truly think it’s essential for us to talk about.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of giving up in this area. It’s so easy to feel defeated and deflated looking in the mirror. With every disapproving glance, our sense of self-worth is taking a serious beating. And most of the time, we just stand back and watch.

makeupSo here are several observations to get the conversation rolling. Because we need to talk about this! Silence is no longer our friend.

The first observation is rather obvious, but needed, I think. Painting ones’ face does not make a masterpiece. We are a masterpiece because God made it so. (I hate to admit it, but there are definitely days where the only way I feel beautiful is to cover up the real me with some well-crafted cell-renewing skin-stimulating beauty products.)

Second observation is one of permission. Are we giving our culture permission to define what is beautiful in our homes and in our lives? Furthermore, are we allowing the confusion of these outside voices into the bathroom with us. If we look at the magazines, the websites, and the latest fashion trends for more than two seconds, we will find a common theme. They all shout loudly that our worth and our value is rooted in our looks.

Third. Looking in the mirror is tricky business. We want to look long enough to appreciate the one-of-a-kind creation that we are, without looking too long where our attitude reflects pride. Pride in self, versus pride in the Creator. (You know what I’m talking about. Those days where we spend way too much time getting ready in the bathroom. Our hair is clean and lookin’ great. The children, however, are sporting bed head and odiferous dragon breath.)

Fourth. There is a vast difference between obsession and stewardship. Caring for our bodies calls for balance. On one side, taking care of the body God has created without going overboard. And on the other side of the teeter-totter, not just letting ourselves go, giving license to laziness. After all, we are made in HIS image.

Fifth observation. We need to shower ourselves daily in the promises of God’s Word. He says our beauty shouldn’t be defined by the outward appearance, but who we are on the inside. (See 1 Peter 3:3-4 for more on this.)

I know, I know. This barely scratches the surface. And I’m sure we’ll chat more about this in the future.

But for now, know this: You are beautiful, sweet mama. You are valuable. And as you look in your mirror today and see those stretch marks and tired eyes, you can trust that what God sees is glorious. And your heart for your children, your desire to love and serve and train them up in the way they should go  is breathtakingly beautiful.

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