Not Your Average Post on Love

Be forewarned:  This is not your traditional ooey-gooey Valentine-ish post on love. We decided to side-step the guilt-inducing Hallmark approach and instead, look at the real ways we love.

Every. Day.

Love. In. Action.

This is not a long list of things to do or add into our love repertoire. These are things we are already doing. So good job, you! Keep it up!



LOVE our people

MEALS:    We make them meals. All in the name of love. Sometimes it’s cereal. Sometimes it’s something healthier like scrambled eggs and orange juice. But we do it. Day in and day out. Showing love through food; giving their bodies the proper nutrition to grow and flourish.

PRESENCE:   Just your very with-ness speaks volumes to your crew. They may not realize it now, but your presence in their lives is huge. As they age and have their own families, they’ll see how much intentionality you’ve put into your mama-love. It’s hard, it’s tricky, it’s sometimes super monotonous. Even still — you’re there.

TRANSPORTATION:    As a mom, we take our kiddos places. We do. To the park, to the pediatrician, to church, ballet lessons, and birthday parties… We want and desire our little people to grow into well-rounded responsible big people. So we hop in our cars, fueled on excess amounts of caffeine, music, and podcasts (like The Masterpiece Mom Podcast). Deep deep down, we know our real name is Taxi Mama. But it’s a title we’re willing to take on for the sake of love.

MANNERS:    From early on we teach them manners. As moms we breathe “Please” and “Thank You” promps as soon as they’re out of the womb. What do you say, Johnny? Tell the nice lady Thank You. We want our people to be polite, exuding graciousness in their words. Well-mannered and well-behaved. We want them to be truthful, yes, but truthfulness seasoned with grace. So we keep prompting and reminding and prompting and reminding until the habit is established. You’re welcome, world!

CONVERSATION:   Your kiddos have learned to speak by mimicking you, and they’ll continue to take their cues in conversation from you as they grow. That way you listen when they tell the same joke for the thousandth time, or the way you attempt to follow the storyline of that movie they’re so eager to tell you about, means 1) you’re awesome, and 2) they value you. They want to talk to you. You’re important to them. Keep listening. Keep asking how they’re doing and how you can help. It will go a long way toward showing and keeping the love.

LAUGHTER:    There’s something that happens to our brains when we come into contact with smooth, soft baby skin. We do silly very-un-grownup-ish things like blow on their bellies and make grotesque farting noises. We can’t help ourselves. We just love to hear their squeals of delight as they beg for more. It’s what turns a totally normal adult into a little kid again. Tickling. Wrestling. Poking. Cuddling. Loving. There’s nothing quite like the kind of laughter a family can produce.

MED SKILLZ:    When our people get hurt, we rush to the scene armed with Band-Aids and hydrogen peroxide ready to clean wounds and kiss boo-boos. We know that a positive Mary Poppins attitude, appropriate character bandage (or plain one if you’re the practical sort) and mommy kiss, can make the world right again. A mother’s kiss is powerful, y’all. It makes all the owies and all the boo-boos all better.

POINTING:   For sure, the best way we love is by pointing our children toward Christ. His love beats all. That way you pray, teach, and read about Him with your kids can make a world of difference. An eternity of difference. The beginning you foster might result in the best happily ever after of all.

LOVE hearts


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