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Hi there! My name is Anne-Renee Gumley. And I am a wife (married to my best friend Andrew for 16 years) and a mom (of two kiddos: Kailee who is 14, and Jamison who is 12). I have been friends with my lovely co-writer/co-host Amanda Bacon for 13 years now. She was one of the first welcoming faces in a sea of people I didn’t know upon moving to Alaska. As our families grew and time grew right along with them, we found ourselves in a MOPS group together. {Just to clarify: MOPS is not a cleaning organization; which is what I thought when I first saw the title. It actually stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. Go MOPS!} Through this ministry, a passion for moms was ignited, a friendship firmly established, and together, we decided to jump in with both feet, co-coordinating our MOPS group for several years. Then as Amanda’s family continued to grow and my family took on other commitments, we started gabbing about how to continue to reach out to our mom friends and maybe invite some new friends along the way. Hence, the conception of this ministry.

A unique aspect of what you’ll be hearing from me is from the viewpoint of a working mom. I do all the retail ordering for our store. Oh, did I mention that Andrew and I own a party rental and retail business here in Alaska? I guess you could describe our life as a funky combination of work, school, church, and play. Both of our children attend a local public school and have amazingly awesome teachers. When the kids are at school, I’m clicking away at purchase orders and checking in freight at work. Super fun stuff!

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