Masterpiece Weekend: May 30 – June 1, 2014

Masterpiece Weekend

These weekend features are to remind us of all of the INGs of life. The Doing. The Nothing. The Speaking (of the Holy Spirit). The Listening (of our hearts).

What events in life make your heart want to whoop and holler? Weddings do that for me. Seriously, just thinking about marriage at the starting line makes me grin from ear to ear. “To have and to hold, from this day forward…‘till death do us part.” Echoed words of love and commitment at the dawning of two lives being made one. Then there’s the food. The fellowship. The music. The dancing. The memories made. Such a beautiful example of Christ’s love for His bride, the church. Ooohhh. Ahhhhh.

We have several sets of friends and family who are getting married this weekend. We rejoice with these couples as they are joined in holy matrimony and celebrate a new beginning. A new adventure. A journey of love. Congratulations y’all (you know who you are)!!!

Which brings me to…

My little family is beyond exuberant to have my husband back home, safe and sound. The word “return” has never sounded so good. As I’m sure the words “home” “shower” and “bed” now carry a whole new meaning for my hubby (he was sleeping in a not-so-comfy commercial box van on his adventurous drive from Colorado back to Alaska). Welcome home, baby!

We here at The Masterpiece Mom are up to our eyebrows in plans and preparations for our blog and podcast launch party (view the invitation on Facebook). If you haven’t already written it in on your calendar, go grab your favorite #2 pencil right now. It’s Friday (as in only 1 week away), June 6th, at Wasilla Bible Church in Wasilla, Alaska, beginning at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there! (And for those of you who live too far to make the trek, we understand. You will be sorely missed. We will eat a double portion in your honor.)

Until next time…

What INGs are you looking forward to this weekend? We’d love to hear what’s going on in your world. May you see the fingerprints of the Creator wherever you go.


Anne-Renee Gumley

Anne-Renee is a full-time mom who works part-time at her family's party store. She has two children who keep her laughing, a husband who keeps her smiling, and an itch for writing that just won't go away.

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