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Good Friday verse


Good Friday. The day Jesus willingly died to do what He came to do: rescue all of us.

He allowed the heavy, stinky, dirty weight of the world’s past and future sin to be placed on His shoulders, calling it His own, so we could live free. We definitely got the better end of the bargain on that day. Jesus showed His love and affection toward us through His beautiful, painful obedience to the Father. He teaches us so much about love.

On this day, the words that are clinging tightly aren’t your normal Good Friday verses. They’re words Jesus spoke to His disciples (even Judas) a short time before His betrayal and arrest. He was telling His people, those closest to Him, that things were going to get ugly. It was going to look completely hopeless. But He wanted to be sure they knew it was going to be okay. In fact, it was going to get really good.

They just needed to hang in there. To trust. Believe. And standby for the greatest amount of good the world had ever seen — God’s infinite power in raising Him from the dead. It would astound, confuse, and delight. Most importantly, it would show us all that God is able to raise dead things to life. Making the impossible possible again.

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Jesus already knew His life would get ugly before it got better. He also knew beforehand that our lives would take a turn (or nosedive) for the worse before they showed signs of the good life. Maybe it’s not yet. Maybe it’s in a long while. Maybe it’s in eternity.

But you can know for sure better is coming and it’s gonna be good. So good.

This Easter weekend, may you believe in the God who raises dead things and breathes new life into our darkest places. He is for you and with you. Forever.


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  1. This piece was especially well-written, ladies! Good job! Thanks for sharing your hearts and His heart today.

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