Getting Back to the Things That Make Our Souls Sing

Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning of a passion in order to remember what in the world we’re wired to do. Those things that brought us joy in the younger years, making our souls come alive, bursting forth urges and aches and gladness within our little bodies. Back to when we were unashamed and unhindered in seeking and searching out our heart’s deepest longings.

I was recently reminded of this as I was reminiscing about days gone by with a close friend. She was talking about following those dreams that God puts on your heart, leaning a listening ear to the callings and unique bents He has given each of us. It was a lovely conversation. One that I regrettably followed up with complaining to the Lord. (Just a wee bit.) I told Him I didn’t really know what I was passionate about anymore. I didn’t feel Him calling or pulling me a certain direction. Nor did my heart seem to be bursting in desire to do anything. And even if I was excited about something, I sure as heck did not have any extra time to pursue any deep-rooted passions.

And God in His understanding compassionate way quietly reminded me that the art and the passions were already within. I didn’t need something more. I simply needed to get back to what I was created to do. Back to the things that make my soul come alive like nothing else. Those yearnings that still burn. Those talents left untouched. Those teeming desires begging to be released into the world.

How about you?

What is that ONE THING that brings a smile to your heart and a grin to your face faster than anything else?

For me, that thing is music.

Starting at about the age of three, I felt this magnetic pull to black and white keys. It didn’t matter when the piano was built, the state of the instrument, or the color of wood stain used, I just couldn’t stay away. Sunday afternoons found me banging out whatever songs we’d sung at church that morning, attempting to find the melodies by my wee toddler ear. (Yes, I had very patient parents.) As soon as I could read, my folks urged me to begin piano lessons, spending no less than a small fortune on a little girl with a big love for music.

Then came college … opening up a whole new world of opportunity in terms of music. Most afternoons and evenings found me utilizing my love in the form of being a piano accompanist, while weekends were spent playing and singing with a small band in local pubs and coffee houses. Large and small vocal ensembles were added into the mix about that time.

Then senior year came along and I joined our university chapel band. It was like my soul was coming alive for the very first time. At last! I had found my musical calling in the art of worship. I still loved classical and jazz and indie rock and everything in-between, but worship; ahhhh yes, worship. It was the piece de resistance. The pinnacle peak of my love for music. The fulfilling of all those years of lessons and hour upon hour of laborious practicing. It was a true awakening of the art within.

Fast-forward to today and music still continues to fill my soul like nothing else. It has become part of my life offering. Truly, tucked in behind the piano at church is one of my favorite places to be in the whole entire world. Not because I’m so amazing as a musician. But because of the calling and response of my soul to His. An answering to the Creator of “YES, I am Yours.”

And I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long, but I’m finally beginning to understand the depth of His love revealed right here, in me! That because the Father loves me, He has planted this seed within. A yearning that can only be expressed and quenched physically by touching keys and singing out words of adoration and thankfulness for all He has done. A connecting of heart and soul and fingers and voice. A gift of praise to the Giver of all life.

The crazy thing is, I know God doesn’t need my worship. But He desires it. And so I will continue to utilize what He’s already given. It’s a gift I’d kind of forgotten about. A delight that needed remembering. For oh what a privilege and joy it is to seek and serve Him in the ways we are wired!

So dear mama trying so hard to see beyond the piles of dishes and diapers and fieldtrips and to-dos. Maybe now is the time. Or maybe the time is down the road. But someday you will be able to get back to that longing. That fire. That passion within. I promise you. And when you do, hold onto it. Tend it. Care for it. And as you do, remember the One who gave it to you in the first place.

For it is in the remembering of the passions of our hearts that we begin to truly reflect the Creator and Lover of Our Souls.

So go do what you were made to do! And sing that song that only you were created to sing! Because it’s the only song out there in the world like it. And the world is waiting.


Anne-Renee Gumley

Anne-Renee is a full-time mom who works part-time at her family's party store. She has two children who keep her laughing, a husband who keeps her smiling, and an itch for writing that just won't go away.

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