When the Essentials Alone Wear a Mom Out

Everyone talks about minimizing stress in your life by cutting out the non-essentials that are weighing you down. But what if the essentials are the only things you’re currently doing and it’s still so hard? What then? A mom's life doesn't usually afford the luxury of "slowing down" and "taking ... [Read More]

When Love Is Our Target

I’ve been trying to dive into the Word more the last few weeks. Not because I’m striving for spiritual superstar status, but because the crazier the seasons of motherhood become, the more I realize how much I desperately need God’s Word to refuel and replenish my aching senses. So here’s what ... [Read More]

Am I Holding Myself Back From My Kids?

I was standing as close as I could to the bathroom mirror — well, as close as the countertop between us would allow. I dabbed my finger into the white creamy lotion and dabbed it around my eyes with my pointer finger — the finger you're not supposed to use on your delicate eye area. The bags under ... [Read More]

A Letter to My Young Mom Self

If I could write a letter to my young mom self, the woman struggling to see beyond the diapers and sleep deprivation which defined my life 10 to 14 years ago, I would tell her the following…   Dear Mom, It’s going to be okay. Those late nights, those salty tears, those frustrating and ... [Read More]

Episode 65 – Why Is My Family So Weird?

At one time or another, don't we all think our families are just a little weird? We sure do and today we're talking all about it. (There's also a bit of fun news tucked right at the start of the episode!) We hope you'll take us in the car, on that walk, or crank us up while you make dinner. We're ... [Read More]