Episode 61 – Let’s Get Our Brave On


We’ve all been called upon to be brave at one time or another. Sometimes it’s in a big scary thing, and other times it’s in the midst of our everyday lives. We hope you’ll be encouraged as you listen in to our discussion today. Let’s get our brave on. The world is waiting.

P.S. If you’d like a good laugh, listen all the way to the end where we describe our pregnancy shape!


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The Masterpiece Mom

The Masterpiece Mom

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The Masterpiece Mom


  1. What did Emmy say at the end? I feel like Marlin in Finding Nemo, “you’re really cute but I don’t know what you’re saying” 😉

    • When she was being silly she said, “You’re doing a really good job, gymnastics girl!” and then “You’re doing a really great job, mom!” then… “Way to go and you’re a genius!” lastly… “Goodbyyyyyye!!!!” 🙂 She’s a nut. A fun nut.

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