Episode 6 – Mothering Myths: Part 3 of 5 // Podcast

Thanks for joining us for today’s episode as we move onto the next myth in our five-part series: Myth #3 – I Should Have a Picture Perfect Family.

Have you ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes at family photo shoots? Are those smiling faces in the picture always so happy? Or is there maybe a hidden package of crackers keeping the children from a meltdown?

Today, we will address the illusion and façade of picture perfect families. Which brings up the questions: Who are we trying to fool (or impress)?!

Thankfully, it’s in those less-than-perfect moments that we have the perfect opportunity to teach Christ-like character to our kids, not to mention, an excellent reminder for all the mamas out there to keep our eyes fixed on Christ and not ourselves.

If you like what you hear today, will you please consider sharing this episode with your friends? Your generosity in passing along this message of hope helps moms all over the globe, letting them know that what they are doing as mothers truly matters. Thank you!!!

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  1. Love, Love, Loved it girls!!!! I so love coming here and seeing what you have in store for us to hear!!! It is so good. Thanks for the bible verses they are now highlighted in my bible and I am going to be rereading them.
    Keep up the good work looking forward to what episode 7 has for us!!!:)

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