Episode 58 – Best of 2016


Before we get too far into 2017, we must give tribute to all our 2016 favorites. It’s tradition after all! (And feel free to compare and contrast this episode with the Best of 2014 and Best of 2015 if you wish.)

So sit back and enjoy the laughter peppered with a little seriousness here and there as we share our favorite moments from the past year. May those lessons learned live on. And may all the fabulous fashion, music, and books continue long after jeggings have disappeared back into the fashion archives. (This will make more sense after you hear the episode. Wink, wink.)

Happy listening, friends!


And in case you can’t scribble them down fast enough, here’s a few of the things we mention…



Favorite ALBUMS:   Elf the Musical // Olivia Pothoff – Home Team Advantage

Favorite BOOKS:   Rhythms of Rest // Falling Free

Favorite PODCASTS (besides our own of course):   Glorious in the Mundane with Christy Nockels // The Lazy Genius Podcasts // The Hope*Writers Podcast



Favorite ALBUMS:   Lauren Daigle – How Can It Be // Lauren Daigle – Behold  // Christy Nockels – A Thrill of Hope

Favorite BOOKS:   Humble Roots

Favorite PODCASTS:   Communicator Academy // Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast


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