Episode 57 – You’re a Wife AND a Mom

Hello! We’re so glad you’ll be listening in today as we tackle the topic of marriage in relation to parenting. This time we thought we’d bring our husbands into the picture and ask for their input as we talk about being a wife and a mom on today’s episode.

As promised, here are the questions we asked Jeremy and Andrew. Take some time and ask your spouse! It might provide some enlightening (and hopefully peaceful) conversation starters.


1) How do you feel loved by your wife in the midst of busy family life?

2) Why do you think it’s so important for a couple to be on track together before trying to parent well together?

3) If you could pick 3 things a wife could do to help improve the marriage (and improve parenting in the process), what would they be?

On to the episode! (Is the player not visible in your email? Click here to listen.)


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