Episode 55 – What a Mom Fears and Why It’s Going to Be Okay



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From the moment we find out a baby is coming and will soon be placed into our arms, the fears start circling.

Will I completely bomb motherhood?

Will I even like being a mom?

Will I ever sleep again?

Once our baby arrives, these sorts of fears don’t wane, unfortunately. They ramp up until we’ve gotten ourselves worked up about things that “may” happen years from now.

Will my child wreck their life with poor choices later on?

Will they reject all that is good and true?

The thing is — God didn’t create us to fear. He created us to trust. Our irrational mom fears must be placed in the capable hands of our Creator. It’s the only place we’ll find peace.

We hope you’ll join us today as we discuss our greatest mom fears and how we’re learning to look at them with a more solid and rational view. Yes, things seem scary at times. But oh, how God is holding all things together and can be trusted with our lives — and the lives of our kids.

We appreciate you and are so glad you’re here with us.


Thanks for listening and for bearing with us as we figure out this whole recording across the country thing. We’re playing with sound and trying to improve it so you can’t tell we aren’t still sitting in the same room together to record!

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