Episode 51 – Things We’d Tell Our Young Mom Self

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Today on the show we’re discussing all the things we’d tell ourselves if we could go back to the starting line of motherhood. Being a mom is hard work, and sometimes we get so caught up in the here and now, that we don’t often take the time to pause and consider what we’d do differently. Well, here’s our chance!

We’re so happy you’re here and hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend! xo

(Thank you to all who commented on our recent blog post about this. Your feedback matters and is a such a gift to our listeners. We sure appreciate you! And congratulations to LEAH FREE who is the winner of The Mother Letters book giveaway.)

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  1. Love this episode! I am totally in the big Van dream category too- haha! I have my eye on the nissan NV or the new ford 12 passenger?

  2. Good morning, Amanda and Anne-Renee!

    First off, my dream car would be the newer Volks Wagon Bug! I love those cars, I would have one in the light green or the light yellow. I have a friend who is not much taller than myself, and she drives a Mini Cooper, which she looks positively adorable in!

    As far as new Moms asking for help: when my third oldest brother and sister in-law had their little boy who is now 5, I had offered to help them out since they live right across the street. When the baby was about 3 weeks old, my brother came to me and asked if they could take me up on my offer to help them out at night. I was so thrilled and honored that they asked me for help. As for me being the person either offering to help or someone asking for help, I think most people would be honored to help. I know for myself, if I’m not asked to help with something, I always figure that the other person has things under control. Then I always feel bad if I find out later that things have gone horribly wrong for them in the process. Two of my SILs have let me be involved with helping with my nephews and niece, and it was the best time in my life! I loved being involved, and I felt so privileged that they would let me hold the babies. My oldest SIL on the other hand, even if I offered to help or hold the baby, the answer was always no. In fact, my oldest SIL never let me hold my nephews as babies, and I never felt like I could ask if I could hold them either. I’m not saying let just who knows who off the street hold your babies, but I feel that if it’s someone you know very well, someone whom you trust completely, or an aunt or grandma, those people should get the pleasure of holding your little ones. I think people like being involved with helping out a new Mom. I even helped my best friend’s Mom with their new baby and I was only 16. Well, I mostly helped my friend with her little brothers and also helped my friend do some housework. If people aren’t asked for help, or if people who are close to the new Mom aren’t allowed to hold the babies, they will feel such a disconnection to that baby. My oldest SIL when she wouldn’t allow me to hold their boys when they were tiny, I feel such a disconnect with them, especially the youngest one. My oldest bro and SIL and their boys moved to Vancouver Washington when my SIL was pregnant with their third son who is now almost 5. By that time, I was helping to take care of my grandmother who was almost 96 and I hardly ever saw my youngest nephew. As someone coming from the other side, if one is constantly shut down on their offers to help, or if they are never asked for help, the potential could-be helper will just stop asking. I know, because this is what I have done with my oldest brother’s family. If you new Moms have reliable people whom you feel comfortable with, ask them for help! The other people would be honored! Your friends and/or family would be thrilled to give a helping hand. Don’t shut them out because you might unknowingly hurt those who want to help you. I know this from experience.
    Thanks for the wonderful podcast! Sorry I wrote a mouth full:-D

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