Episode 50 – Being Brazen with Special Guest: Leeana Tankersley

Ep 50

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In a world full of safe choices, comes a brazen breath of fresh air challenging us to do what we normally wouldn’t dare to do. To be unashamed and bold. To live out those brave (and sometimes downright scary) callings upon our lives and our hearts. And to see the beautiful even when surrounded by a landscape of sand in a barren land.

On today’s episode, we welcome author and blogger, Leeana Tankersley. Her latest book, Brazen, just released on April 5th. And we need to tell you: We are smitten! This book is like a beautiful kick in the batooty. It will challenge you to new heights while offering much-needed whispers of hope .

Listen in as we chat everything from Bougainvillea to 80’s movies, and more!

Wanna know more about Leeana and connect with her online? You can find her in the following places:





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