Episode 5 – Mothering Myths: Part 2 of 5 // Podcast

Here we are at the release of Episode 5 never imagining so many of you would be out there listening!! It thrills us. Thank you for coming back for each new episode and allowing us into your homes, cars, or wherever you may be listening.

We are LOVING this new venture into the world of podcasting and hope you will find encouragement here for your day.

In today’s episode, we’re continuing the 5-part series as we launch into Myth #2: I Should Be a Domestic Goddess. You don’t have to have a perfect home, decadent meals, or decorate like a pro to be a good mom. You just don’t. We’d love for you to join in the conversation over on Facebook or right here in the blog comments after you listen. Because you guys are our kind of people.

Also, the name of the book mentioned in this episode is The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith aka: the Nester. Check it out!

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  1. WOW! Another good one! Amanda, when you told about Jeremy helping you out with house work, you were speaking right to me! I sometimes have that feeling and I know full well that it is not the case at all! Thank you both for these podcasts! Everyone of them speaks to my hear one way or another!

    • Thank you, Kristina. We truly appreciate you sharing your heart and this feedback with us. And you are SO welcome. It’s our pleasure. 🙂

  2. Hi girls! This was very helpful to me. I think people often see me as that mom that has it all looking clean and pristine, when in reality I don’t, my laundry piles stick around for to long too and clutter builds up fast. I’m guilty however of wanting everything to appear in order and tend to clean in a frenzy when expecting company. I’ve been learning to relax in this area but find myself apologizing for any messes people may see when they walk in the door. I’m so annoyed with myself when I do that. I enjoyed hearing about kids helping out. I tend to do everything myself because I want it done right and well it’s just faster when I do it. Another area where God’s been teaching me to let go and let the little hands learn, I appreciate that my hubby has been encouraging the kids to help set the table and he’s way better at getting them to ‘gladly’ help clean up the toys. It’s hard yet rewarding to be humbled in this area of my life and to learn to just do what I can and give the pressure and have tos up to God. Thanks!

    • Ah, yes, the apologizing for messes! I’ve been trying to steer clear of that this last year, once I noticed how it made me feel. I don’t have people in my home to impress them, but to bless them.

      Also, the process of letting growing hands help with the work does take time, but it’s truly worth it. Not only does it lift your burden (even if in the slightest way at the start), it teaches them to take responsibility for where they live, not taking all that is done for them for granted. Thanks for chiming in, we loved hearing from you!

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