Episode 47 – Draining Habits, Giving Habits

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Are the habits we’re engaging in draining the life out of us and the people around us, or giving us life? On today’s episode, we’re discussing this very topic. Won’t you join us? Also, listen to the end to hear the things we’re currently obsessed with!

We’re so glad to have you. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hi Amanda and Anne Renee!

    First off, you two make me laugh! Amanda, I LOLed over your story about your UPS man. Too funny! Speaking of crazy obsessions, mine is that the dishes in the dishwasher all have to be in a certain order. It drives me crazy when someone else loads our dishwasher and puts them in the opposite way of how I would do it. Hmmm, I think my life draining habits are the surfing the internet, playing games on my tablet, I have gotten into doing the adult coloring books, so that’s probably not the most productive thing to do. I have a few shows that come on each evening, so I watch those. I always turn the TV on if I’m the only one here at home. I almost go crazy if all I hear is silence in the house if I’m alone. My good habits are having a love of serving or helping others, I love organizing things like your husbands do. Right now, I’m in the process of organizing or kitchen cabinets and drawers. I’m down to the last cabinet which is our big food pantry. I’m about half way through that one. I enjoy being apart of the Child Evangelism Fellowship community and helping to teach Good News Club at our local public school, I also enjoy being involved with Bible Study Fellowship during the school year (Good News Club is also during the school year) and I love volunteering in the BSF Children’s Program. I also sing at an Assisted Living place about an hour away from where I live once a month.

    Anne-Renee, you gave me a good laugh when you were talking about your game closet puking out games. That reminded me of our tuperware cabinet. Granted, I just got it cleaned out and reorganized yesterday, but until yesterday, every time you opened it, it would puke out plastic containers of all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry, your game closet wasn’t the only closet that was puking out its contents:-D
    Thanks for sharing you two! I’m off to finish reorganizing the pantry! Wish me luck:-D

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