Episode 33 – The Thriving Single Mom with Special Guest: Amanda Carroll

Amanda CarrollWe’ve been chatting the last several episodes about the different faces of motherhood. This week we are joined by special guest and nationally syndicated radio show host, Amanda Carroll, who will discuss in depth with us, life as a single mom.

Whether you are a single mom, you were raised by a single parent, or have a friend who is a single mom, this episode is for you. Amanda Carroll dives in deep, helping shed light on practical ways we can put love into action in terms of supporting each other as moms. Laugh and cry along as we discuss the nitty-gritty of single parenthood, the ups and downs, and finding hope along the way.

This is a must-have kind of conversation. Please share with all your family, friends, and everyone on your friend’s list. It’s that important! Let’s get this conversation rollin’!


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