Episode 31 – The Skinny on Friendships, Differences, and Diaper Disasters // Podcast

We’re different but the same. When it comes to friendship and motherhood, this statement describes the mom world perfectly. For we are all different. Vastly different. Our approach to how we do things, our ideas and opinions, even our schedules can be worlds apart.

But just because we’re different doesn’t mean we have to be divided. Because we need each other. Desperately!

Listen in as we chat about how our mothering seasons may look dissimilar, but finding ways we can support each other through those differences. We want to be the kind of friend who builds others up through honesty and love, encouraging one another, and being a listening ear even when the season is hard.

So let’s put our love into action and be creative in connecting and cheering one another on. Because different is beautiful!

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