Episode 30 – Minivans, the Mama Juggle, & a Moment of Silence with Special Guest: Emily Freeman // Podcast

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You’re in for a real treat today. We’re so pleased to have one of our very favorite people as a guest on today’s episode. Emily Freeman is a rare gem of a writer, thinker, and friend. And since we don’t want to be completely selfish by keeping her all to ourselves (well, we kinda do, but we’re learning to share), we thought we’d introduce her to you, our lovely Masterpiece Mom community.

In this episode, Emily chats with us about her family, the juggle of mom life and ministry, callings, and the awakening of the art within. She even gives us the inside scoop about her upcoming book release: Simply Tuesday (releasing in August)!!!

We hope you’ll join us as we converse about minivans, middle school, and motherhood. We think you’ll appreciate Emily’s words, and grow to love her as much as we do.

Scroll down and click the player below to begin the conversation. Thanks for listening!


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Connect with Emily:

blog: Chatting at the Sky  //  Hopeologie (the subscription site we talked about)  //  Twitter and Instagram: @emilypfreeman  //  Facebook

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