Episode 28 – Awkwardness, Change, & Crockpots // Podcast

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Have you ever felt the winds of change couldn’t come soon enough? Sometimes we’re so anxious for things to be different that we miss the beauty of now.

That change you’re hoping for in your children, or that change in yourself? We know. It’s tough stuff. Because change takes time. And sometimes time feels like the enemy. Waiting for God’s perfect timing can be really hard, not to mention uncomfortable.

But hope is right around the corner! Join us today as we chat about change and discover how it’s a process — one we can learn to lean into rather than rush through. Like the beauty of a crockpot. It just needs a little time.

Together, let’s learn to turn our anxiousness into rejoicing, finding peace in God’s perfect plan. Because it’s a good one. We promise.

P.S. As promised, here’s painful proof of our awkward years. You’re welcome.

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