Episode 21 – Living as a Masterpiece in a Photoshopped World // Podcast

Truth be told, I (Amanda) stink at writing these little blurbs telling you why you should listen to the newest episode of the podcast. Anne-Renee, on the other hand, is a blurb-writing genius. She should be in advertising. Truly. So sad for you, it’s me at the helm of this one. Here’s what you get today:

The Photoshopped world we live in is a harmful one. Models’ faces and bodies are being nipped, tucked, elongated, and smoothed all for the sake of advertising. I think I can speak for the masses of women out there and say that we’d rather see real women selling us makeup or the newest fashion trends, not altered images of the real thing. Amen?

I think you’ll enjoy the conversation as we talk about what it means to live as the masterpiece God created us to be in and among a culture known for its unattainable standard of beauty.

Won’t you join us? Click play below.

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