Episode 20 – Closing the Great Mom Divide // Podcast

Two weeks ago, on Episode 19, we discussed Stereotypes and the harm they can cause when we allow them admittance into our daily relationships. This time we’re taking it a step further and discussing stereotyping from an action standpoint (think offense vs. defense; acting out of grace rather than simply reacting out of frustration).

How do we respond to someone who just doesn’t seem to get us? What words and phrases can we put into our response arsenal so we feel equipped when the Great Mom Divide hits a little too close to home?

And what about when we’re tempted to lump others into some category that separates them from our everyday sphere?

Join us as we look behind the scenes of stereotyping, right into the heart fueling the words. Instead of drawing lines which divide, our hope is that together we’ll find reasons to rejoice in our differences and celebrate God’s creativity in making us one-of-a-kind works of art.

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