Episode 19 – My Life vs. Hers — The Prickles & Stings of Stereotyping // Podcast

Stereotypes. Not often a topic discussed within happy circles of friends, but it’s an important one to bring out into the light.

We promise to make it fun, and we promise to offer lots of grace too. We pray this discussion will start a dialogue within our hearts about the ways we’re quick to judge and lump the people in our lives into categories without knowing the full story.

Go ahead! Press play. And thanks for taking time to listen.

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  1. Good podcast! So, how about words that could replace the stereotyping words? Or suggestions for responses to someone who says something that stereotypes you? Not so much changing the hurtful ones (because that is more obvious that you just shouldn’t say them) but the innocently said ones. We all say things like, “how do you have time for that?!” Or “I could never do that!” Other than keeping your mouth shut, how do we proactively try to change the verbiage (is that a word?) between us moms and friends?

    To be honest, I never know what to say when people say they could never have that many children as us or never homeschool like us or that I’m one of those moms. I can say something to the effect of “it’s not me, it’s The Lord”. And this is completely true! But then I think how even this statement may offend them and it’s still not stopping the comments. Another response is “I feel the same way- I don’t know how you do (whatever)”. But this too is stereotyping them.

    Help! Isn’t there a way we can just say things without being offensive?

    • Great point, Nancy! I think you just gave us an idea for a future episode. 🙂 We soley focused on the stereotyping comments and thoughts, and not how we can change our verbiage when speaking to others. And I agree, it’s so hard to not feel tongue-tied when people comment on family size, etc… anything I say back on those ones seem to fall on deaf ears. But I still try! Like I said in this episode, I’m rarely heard when I speak of hardship in something I “chose.” Nice hearing from you, and thanks so much for your input.

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