Episode 18 – Game Changers // Podcast

game changer

Game changers. Do those words instill the same kind of hope in you that they do us?

A game changer can be something as simple as an unexpected bright spot in your day, or it can be something bigger that causes a bad attitude to change its mind. Thus, changing the course of your whole day. Either way, don’t we love it when things shift from hopeless to hopeful?

There are some days that are just plain tough and chaotic whether you’re a mom or not. Those are the kind of days where a game changer is most welcome. Bring. It. On.

Please? Anyone?

Today we’re taking some time to talk about the things in our everyday lives that help us get back on course when life gets crazy and stinky attitudes rule the roost. And who knows? Maybe this episode we be a game changer for you today!

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