Episode 12 – The Gifts of Motherhood, Part 1 // Podcast

Sometimes we forget that our children are a REWARD from God (as verse 3 of Psalm 127 declares). Oftentimes parenting seems more like a burden, filled to overflowing with tedious and thankless responsibilities. But beyond the sea of diapers, dishes and piles of dirty laundry, we find that children can teach us so much about the heart of God. They’re quick to forgive, tender and loving. They trust us, without reservation. They make us laugh over the mundane and keep us humble in a variety of ways.

It’s time we see our children as the gift from God that they truly are, and open our eyes to the miracle and spice they bring to our everyday lives.

Join us as we celebrate motherhood with renewed gusto, and embrace the blessing of family. For every good and perfect gift comes from the Father!

PS – If you like what you hear, please share us with the mothers in your life. Thank you!


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