Episode 65 – Why Is My Family So Weird?

At one time or another, don't we all think our families are just a little weird? We sure do and today we're talking all about it. (There's also a bit of fun news tucked right at the start of the episode!) We hope you'll take us in the car, on that walk, or crank us up while you make dinner. We're ... [Read More]

Episode 64 – Stress and the Everyday

  “Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened…” – Well, that pretty much describes every mom we know. Because mothering is hard. And demanding. And well, stressful. Then you add in the rest of life, and you have the makings of quite the situation where stress is concerned. So let’s ... [Read More]

Episode 62 – Who’s Really in Charge Here?

  Have you ever wondered how it is that children, as small and innocent as they are, can take over an entire household? How about the grocery store. Doctor's office. Or dread of all dreads, the Sunday School classroom. Where you watch in horror as your precious darling turns into a crying ... [Read More]

Episode 61 – Let’s Get Our Brave On

  We've all been called upon to be brave at one time or another. Sometimes it's in a big scary thing, and other times it's in the midst of our everyday lives. We hope you'll be encouraged as you listen in to our discussion today. Let's get our brave on. The world is waiting. P.S. If you'd ... [Read More]