When the Essentials Alone Wear a Mom Out

Everyone talks about minimizing stress in your life by cutting out the non-essentials that are weighing you down. But what if the essentials are the only things you’re currently doing and it’s still so hard? What then? A mom's life doesn't usually afford the luxury of "slowing down" and "taking ... [Read More]

Am I Holding Myself Back From My Kids?

I was standing as close as I could to the bathroom mirror — well, as close as the countertop between us would allow. I dabbed my finger into the white creamy lotion and dabbed it around my eyes with my pointer finger — the finger you're not supposed to use on your delicate eye area. The bags under ... [Read More]

The Times Our Influence Does More Harm Than Good

When the idea for this post popped into my head last week, I cringed. I didn't know if I wanted to write it because it was just so true and humbling and also because the written word can so easily be misunderstood. We've all had a conversation over text take a sour turn in our minds because we ... [Read More]