Where Grief and Hope Collide

I’ve been struggling through what words to even use after such an atrocity as we witnessed in Florida this last week. Such grief. Such devastation. Such senseless death. My heart aches along with all of yours at the evidence of such blatant evil. Confirmation of sin nurtured and nursed in a ... [Read More]

More Hugs, Less Yelling

We’re just going to get this all out here at the very beginning: This last week has not been my best week. I’ve lost it more times than I can count with my kids. Sad, but true. I mean, most of the time I can juggle a full schedule and the swirling tween/teen emotions in our household with a ... [Read More]

Living With Invisible Boxes

They're always there. The beckoning lists. The waiting tasks. The glaring undone. It’s this crazy accumulation of things I allow to fester and multiply, hovering at the back of my mind. The things I know I need to be doing … or would like be doing. It’s an unconscious buildup of to-dos that keeps ... [Read More]

His Glorious Doing and the Undoing of Me

For some, January brings joyous shouts for fresh beginnings, goals and dreams. And normally I would jump into the let’s-plan-it-all-out boat. Grab your 2018 planner, pencils and pens, and whoop whoop, let’s get this party started! But this time around, the new year has had a different effect on ... [Read More]

A Prayer for Us All This Christmas Season

Not gonna lie. I’m one exhausted mama bear. You too?! I mean, for real. This time of year is oh so fun and oh so special, but it can be downright draining at times too. Just checking my email makes me tired. And my guess is that right about now your Inbox looks a lot like mine – a bulging, ... [Read More]

Paper Plates and Paradigms

Several years ago, I attempted hosting my whole entire family for Christmas. Big family. Big mistake. Sadly, I spent most of the holiday sequestered in my kitchen, elbow deep in frustration and dishes. Limited in energy and low on time. My family members did their best to try and help me ... [Read More]