Paper Plates and Paradigms

Several years ago, I attempted hosting my whole entire family for Christmas. Big family. Big mistake. Sadly, I spent most of the holiday sequestered in my kitchen, elbow deep in frustration and dishes. Limited in energy and low on time. My family members did their best to try and help me ... [Read More]

When Love Is Our Target

I’ve been trying to dive into the Word more the last few weeks. Not because I’m striving for spiritual superstar status, but because the crazier the seasons of motherhood become, the more I realize how much I desperately need God’s Word to refuel and replenish my aching senses. So here’s what ... [Read More]

A Letter to My Young Mom Self

If I could write a letter to my young mom self, the woman struggling to see beyond the diapers and sleep deprivation which defined my life 10 to 14 years ago, I would tell her the following…   Dear Mom, It’s going to be okay. Those late nights, those salty tears, those frustrating and ... [Read More]

Because We’re Wired for Friendship

I have sat more times than I can count in a coffee shop parking lot racking my brain for one single person I could ask to join me for a quick coffee date. And most of the time, I end up going in solo. Or simply going through the drive-through. I'll run through my list of friends and come up with ... [Read More]