Because We’re Wired for Friendship

I have sat more times than I can count in a coffee shop parking lot racking my brain for one single person I could ask to join me for a quick coffee date. And most of the time, I end up going in solo. Or simply going through the drive-through. I'll run through my list of friends and come up with ... [Read More]

The Checked out Mama

I sat at the traffic light totally zoned out. I let my mind wonder aimlessly down a road of stormy clouds to a place of rainbows and grassy pastures. Yearning for more. But unsure of what more I really wanted. I daydreamed so long that the car behind me grew restless, honking his disapproval ... [Read More]

Searching for Peace in a World With Scary Headlines

I stood entranced, staring up at the hotel lobby monitors unable to fully comprehend what I was seeing. The images that flashed before my eyes were vastly different than the ones from the day before. In fact my phone was fairly bursting, filled to overflowing with pictorial recaps of our time in ... [Read More]