An Invitation to Pray for Your Girl

Hey Masterpiece Mom community! We are super excited to introduce to you our friend and fellow mom in the trenches, Teri Lynne Underwood! This mom understands the joys and struggles of parenting, and has a deeply rooted passion for prayer … especially for our children. And now, without further adieu, please join us in welcoming Teri Lynne!


When my girl was about two, we experienced a season I refer to as the “don’t leave me, I’m scared” phase. I now know it is a fairly normal part of the developmental process but, at the time, it felt like the end of the world. Leaving her anywhere involved tears, leg clutching, and that thing where every time you remove one appendage another wraps around you. It’s as if your child has become an octopus and you wonder where all those arms and legs have come from and how they got so much strength.

As difficult as it was to leave her at the church nursery, the worst was trying to leave her room after we’d tucked her in at night. Even with that super cute Fisher Price aquarium in her crib tossing its gentle light up to the ceiling, the cries came. “Don’t leave me. Please, Mommy, don’t leave me. I’m scared.”

I tried to reason with her about how safe she was. {If you’ve had a two-year-old you already know how well that worked.}

I tried letting her cry it out. {If you’ve had a strong-willed child, you can imagine how long she was able to sustain her crying and glass-shattering shrieks.}

I even tried turning the TV up loud enough to drown the noise. {I couldn’t take it.}

She cried. I cried. And it was awful.

Finally, one day, during my quiet time I came across this verse:

When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3

And, I prayed it for my girl. I prayed it over my girl. I prayed it with my girl. During the day, I would say the verse to her and remind her that God is always with her and she need never be afraid.

Slowly, I began to see a shift. She still cried. She still said she was afraid. But speaking those words over her calmed her down in a way nothing else had done.

Y’all, everything changed!! For the first time, I really understood the power of praying Scripture over my daughter. I’d been doing it since before she was born. But it had always been of a more general nature. This time I was praying very specifically … “Lord, please help Casiday know You are with her all the time. Calm her heart and ease her fears. Teach her, even now to trust in You.”

Since then, that verse has come up time and again in my girl’s life. She still struggles with fear and anxiety. In 2013, she claimed that verse for herself. It’s one she memorized as a child and has clung to as she’s gotten older.

Over the past 15-1/2 years I’ve prayed a lot of verses for my girl. Every Bible I have has her name and dates scribbled in the margins as the Lord has used His Word to guide and shape my intercessions and supplications on her behalf. Praying Scripture for my daughter is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have seen time and again the power of praying God’s Word over her life.

Now, I want to invite you to join me in that process. Today I’m sharing my brand new endeavor —

#PrayersForGirls ...
When a mom (or grandmother or aunt or teacher or whomever!) joins the Prayers for Girls community, she will receive a special resource — 3 Reasons to Pray Scripture for Your Girl and, beginning December 1, a monthly calendar with short prayers rooted in Scripture.

I spoke with Brooke McGlothlin who {literally!} wrote the book on praying for boys and she said, “It’s about time!” I believe now more than ever it is vital for us to be praying for our girls … and rooting those prayers in the Word of God.

Each month’s prayers will be based on one book of the Bible {or maybe two if the books are shorter}. December’s prayers are all based on verses from the Gospel of Luke. As a Bible teacher, it is my desire for women to see how ALL of Scripture is one big story and to invite women to gather the treasures we find as we dig deep into the Word.

When you join the community, you’ll be able to download 3 Reasons to Pray Scripture for Your Girl AND for everyone who joins before the official launch on January 1, 2016, I have a beautiful watercolor printable of Colossians 3:12-14 you can download as well.

And, because I love The Masterpiece Mom community SOOO much, I’d love to give a copy of my book, Parenting from the Overflow, to one of you who joins the Prayers for Girls community. So, click below to subscribe, then leave a comment on this post and let me know you subscribed. On Friday, I’ll choose one of you to win the book. Sound good?

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Teri Lynne

What is a Scripture you have prayed for your child? We would love to hear. Please share in the Comments.


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  1. I have been waiting for someone to start at praying for girls page. I’m so glad it’s finally happening! Thank you! Also, I’ve subscribed

  2. Wow, cool! My fave verse to pray for our girls is that God has made them and they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14. I’d love to win! Thanks! Do u have to be on Instagram to be a follower of praying for girls?

    • Nope! In fact the only way to get the monthly prayer calendar is to subscribe by on the image in the post that says, “Yes! Add me to the list.” Part of my desire as a busy mom is to make resources easily accessible for others … without adding a whole more to my schedule. 🙂

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