A Nod to Our People

Masterpiece Weekend 5-15-15

Lately God has really been opening my eyes to see my people — the ones I’m closest with.

I think about my family, of course my family. Then there are the people from outside my family who pursue time and conversation with me. They pray for me, call or text, cry with me, notice when I get a haircut, check in if they haven’t heard anything in a few days, seek me out in a crowd, extend invitations, and deeply care for my family and I. And I do the same with and for them.

These glorious people.

This weekend, I pray our eyes would be opened to our people both inside and outside our family. Those obvious and not so obvious.

May we pause and take notice of who is pursuing us and who needs us to pursue them in return.

May we take our eyes off our own circumstances and lay them on another’s.

May we reach out even when we don’t feel like it.

May we make an unexpected phone call just to check in.

May we extend grace rather than critique.

May we remember to tell them what they mean to us.


May this weekend be full of appreciation for the people who love and cherish us.

Phil 1-3


Masterpiece Weekend

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