A Mom’s Manifesto for Summer


A Mom's Manifesto for Summer

This summer we will be moms who do the things that bring us joy. If that be reading, we will read. If that be hiking, we will hike. If that be hiding all squirt guns and water balloons because they make us crazy, we will hide them.

We will be moms who consider the desires of our people. Possibly creating a list of activities to do together as a family. Then we’ll do things off the list. We might even bring back the squirt guns. And maybe the water balloons too.

We will shy away from working to create post-worthy photo ops with our kids, and rather receive the memories that are made all on their own.

We will be okay with blank squares on our calendars. In fact, we will look forward to them.

We will acknowledge that we own a swimsuit and we will put it on. We will under no circumstances make comments about the state of our bodies once inside it. We. will. splash.

We will remember our needs and be kind to ourselves. We will soak in a relaxing bath. We will take walks. We will get a babysitter.

We will not run in fear of rainy days. We will find chores for the kids and reward them for a job well done with a movie, popcorn, and forts.

We will strive to be the moms God created us to be. Not someone else’s version.

Lastly, we will be moms who read God’s Word and pray. We will lift our souls to the Lord regularly and whole-heartedly, looking to Him throughout our days and trusting Him with all our tomorrows.


Happy Summer.


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  1. I love this post and so encouraged by the podcast on being kind to ourselves. This summer, with a newborn (#4), I definitely look forward to blank spots on the calendar and school routine begone! Summer joy for me is lazy mornings, reading and coffee, kids enjoying the yard, bonfires and bbq before bedtime!

    • Hi Christina! We so appreciate you stopping to say hi! Congratulations on baby #4! Thank you for sharing that the podcast is helpful and encouraging to you. You are an encouragement to us. 🙂 Happy summer to you!

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